Artist Neanhely: poster of concerts

Билеты Велике весілля
02 june 14:00 sunday
Велике весілля
Event ended
Билеты НеАнгели
03 july 20:00 saturday
Event ended


Musical collective Not Angels whose songs are quite popular among the youth movement - an extraordinary musical project, the soloists of which have unique voices. This is a Ukrainian group performing popular music. The group saw the world on July 16, 2006. The founder is Yuri Nikitin, who, noticing the decline in the popularity of the VIA Gra group, decided to create something new. After all, the need for pop music in a large rotation has never disappeared. And so NeAngels appeared. Girls perform songs in Russian. The composition of the group has not changed since that time - Slava and Victoria remain its members. True, real names do differ from stage names. Olga Kuznetsova from Odessa became Glory. And Ekaterina Smeyukha, after being accepted into the NeAngely group, became Victoria. Her distinguishing feature is the contralto voice, the lowest female voice. The debut album "Number One" was released in December 2006 and became the "Golden Disc", as it sold 50, 000 copies. Extravagant, strong, low voices of the girls are a kind of visiting card of the group. In 2008, NeAngely filmed a video for the song "I Need Your Love" with the winner of Eurovision-1998, the world famous drag queen named Dana International. The group even took part in the Ukrainian selection for Eurovision in 2013. The group's second album, Roman, was released in the fall of 2013. The success was overwhelming - from the first week it took the top spots on iTunes. In the same year the group presented a duet song with the group A-dessa - "Lilac". Each song of the group over the past four years has become # 1 in the national airplay and is gaining at least 1 million views on Youtube. In 2016, they again made an attempt to get to Eurovision 2016. NeAngely took part in the national selection of Ukraine, but did not get enough votes to represent the country in the competition. At the end of September 2017, a member of the NeAngely group, Slava Kaminskaya, presented her debut song "Good", thereby announcing the beginning of her solo career. The track was first aired on the radio, after which it became available on the Internet. But as the girls assured, this will not in any way affect further work in the team. “Love is a wonderful feeling and the main theme of our creativity. For 11 years we have been constantly repeating that it is love that inspires us and moves us to new achievements, ”said Victoria. The Neangela musical group calls 2018 as the most productive year in terms of creativity.